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Filling Prescription

Medical Card Package

With the sky high medical costs today – it is more important than ever to get yourself covered. Failure to do so can easily cost you a few hundred thousand dollars for just one treatment. Get your coverage today for the following treatment:

  • In-patient medical treatment or surgery

  • Day surgery

  • Consultations with specialists before, during and after the hospital stay

  • X-rays and laboratory tests

  • Critical illnesses such as cancer or heart bypass

Graduation Car

Fresh Graduate Package

Getting your first pay cheque is indeed a moment to remember. You are finally free, and can stop being dependent on your parents for survival. With great freedom comes great responsibility as well. Since you are fending for yourself, it is time to think about your protection as well.

Here’s where we come in, let us help you find the most effective financial plan right out of college.


Pregnancy Package

A-Life Lady360 is designed to provide you with comprehensive protection until you turn 80. This plan provides you with life insurance benefits along with a number of first-in-market features specially designed for women.

surprised baby

Baby Package

The birth of your new born brings joy, dreams and wonderment. It is indeed a moment to cherish for the rest of your life.

At this point, you also have the responsibility to protect and care for your newborn.


Let us help you with that – and discover exactly the type of protection your child needs at this critical juncture.

Let your child grow up with the protection he/she deserves.

Museum 3

Education Package

There are countless financial products in the market that claim to help you save for your child’s tertiary education, but not all are credible.

Before you decide what plan or product to get, do your due diligence and research thoroughly. Here at believe team, we believe strongly in first class research – and provide education fees analysis to help you determine the right amount to save without affecting your daily expenses and lifestyle.

old couple

Retirement Package

The truth is – there is never a “right” time to start planning for our retirement. But, there are advantages to starting early.

If you start early, not only will you have more time to save a decent nest egg, you will also be able to ride out fluctuations in the market more easily.

At Believe Team, we customize your retirement planning based on your lifestyle and spending patterns so that you can enjoy your retirement earlier and more comfortably.


Investment Package

By investing your money, you are getting your money to generate more money by earning interest without you putting in any man hours – it is essentially earning you money as you sleep.

That is why at Believe Team, we want to help you develop an early investment foundation. Let us leverage on the power of compounding – we guarantee we can help you build a pool of capital for you to fall back on in later years.

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