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Advisory Program.

Elite Academy program


Elite Academy Program.

What is Elite Academy?

Elite Academy is an exclusive programme designed to develop a new generation of professional and driven Life Planners in AIA. When you join this programme, you will be a part of a team of purpose driven individuals enabling you to kickstart a successful, sustainable and rewarding career with AIA.

  • Monthly Commission

  • Flexible working hour

  • Production Bonus every 3 months

  • Training and Coaching provided

  • Free overseas trip

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Blended Learning Benefits You with.

BLENDED LEARNING is an education approach that combines online materials/e-learning and in-person classroom interaction methods. It offers the learner convenience and flexibility where they have the ability to manage their learning pace and learn remotely. Below diagrams illustrate the concept of Blended Learning.

  • Enhances both the effectiveness and efficiency of meaningful learning experiences

  • Provides flexibility to learn at your own pace, increase confidence level and information retention

  • Offers digital assets such as videos or e-books, allowing you to access to sales tools and script anytime, anywhere

  • Fosters peer learning through variety of activities

  • Supports skills and knowledge implementation guided and coached by Leaders






Experience Learning with leaders


Joint Field Work & 1-1 Coaching

Social Learning with peers and mentor

Director of Agency/ Leaders

Sales Builder Study Group & Morning Meetings

Formal Learning with trainers In the classroom


Elite Training Programs

AIA Elite Premier Leader (EPL).

unnamed (1).jpg

OPEN TO: Elite/ Elite Pre + Existing Agent.

RANK: Applicant must promote to AUM rank or meet AUM promotion criteria upon application

BONUS: Payment will be made on the 30th day of the following month after each month’s validation exercise.  No advance payout will be made under any circumstance. Bonus Validation for Elite Premier Leader (EPL) program will be paid based on the start of the commencement month only. All cases and production count are for approved and in-force cases only, captured by the last date of the validation month. ROP/ROC cases will not be counted for any validation.

Elite Premier Leader (EPL).

Elite Premier Leader Pro (EPL PRO).

OPEN TO: Active EPL who completed EPL scheme.

RANK: Applicant must be promoted to UM rank or meet UM promotion criteria upon application

BONUS: Monthly Validation Criteria & Payout. Active Elite 3 1st 6 Months or 2nd 6 Months, Direct Team AFYP and 50,000 will get RM3,000 Monthly Bonus. Active Elite 4 will get RM4,000 and Active Elite 5 will get RM5,000.

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Eligibility Requirements.

  • Degree/Diploma Holder

  • Min 2 years of work experience

  • 25-35 years old


Programme Benefits.

Financial Incentives

  • Allowance for up to 18 months


  • Training for up to 18 months

Recognition and Incentives Media Profiling

  • Multi touchpoint PR and publicity opportunities

Long term career development

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Elite PRO

Eligibility Requirements.

  • Degree Holder

  • Min 3 years of work experience

  • 25-45 years old


Programme Benefits.

Financial Incentives

  •  Allowance for up to 18 months Learning

  • Training for up to 18 months

MDRT Privileges & Incentives

  • MDRT Fast Start Bonus

  • Double Millionaire Challenge

Media Profiling

  • Multi touchpoint PR and publicity opportunities

Long term career development Elite Premier Leader (EPL) Programme Invitation

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