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A-life Lady360 package

A-Life Lady360

A-Life Lady360 is designed to provide you with comprehensive protection until you turn 80. This plan provides you with life insurance benefits along with a number of first-in-market features specially designed for women.


Secure coverage for your child early and be rewarded!

With Bundle of Joy, A-Life Lady360 customers can secure coverage for their baby without going through medical underwriting 4 if the pregnancy is under 14 gestation weeks.

Comprehensive Female Cancer Protection.

Female Care Benefits.

Cash Reward Up to 20% of Your Coverage Amount.


Maturity Benefits.


Yearly Cash Bonus.

A-Life Lady360 covers you against female cancers1 from the early stages onwards, ensuring that you are financially secure so that you can focus on treatment and recovery.

This plan also features first-in-market benefits to support your healthcare needs. If any one of the following scenarios occur, you will receive a one-off payment of RM5,000.

We also want to celebrate the important milestones in your life by giving you a cash reward for these auspicious life events:



Golden Age

When your plan matures when you turn 80, we will pay you 150% of your coverage amount to celebrate this significant milestone in your life.

When you purchase A-Life Lady360 and sign up as an AIA Vitality Member, you can enjoy a Yearly Cash Bonus up to 50% of your Basic Premium Paid.