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AG Wealth

Advisory Services.

Our best Services

Personal Financial Planning.



Our personal financial advisory services specialise in various aspects, including insurance planning, retirement planning, investment planning, education planning, and estate planning.

  • Income Protection

  • Savings and Investment

  • Health and Long Term Care

  • Estate Preservation & Distribution

  • Business Solutions

  • Employee Benefits Program


Our financial advisors have considerable expertise to help you organize your estate.

  • What happens when you are predeceased?

  • Who do you want your assets to go to when you pass on?

  • What proportion do you want to give away?

  • Why the need to create a trust in your will? What is the interstate succession i.e. dying without a will?

  • What to look out for when preparing a will?

  • How can you protect your assets from creditors?




For business enterprises, insurance can be used to maintain your financial stability in the event of loss of critical assets or key personnel.

  • Income Protection

  • Family Protection

  • Medical Protection

  • Children Education Savings

  • Retirement Savings

  • Mortgage Protection

  • Business Insurance

  • Personal Lines Insurance

  • Employee Benefits and Group Insurance Scheme



We have the ability to establish appropriate school financing systems that can give you financial independence and help you meet your educational planning objectives.

  • How much do you want to save for education funding?

  • What is your timeframe of savings?

  • Is your present savings sufficient?

  • Where do you want to send your children for their tertiary education: local or foreign universities?

  • What are the suitable savings tools to accumulate education funding? Do education savings qualify for tax deductions?



Our financial advisors will help you build effective financial plans to help you meet your retirement goals.

  • How much do you need in retirement?

  • How much do you have to set aside annually from now until retirement?

  • Where do you put your money?

  • What are the investment strategies appropriate for you?

  • What are the suitable savings tools to accumulate your retirement nest-egg?


Our financial Advisor will be able to suggest suitable investing plans that are ideally tailored to your investment portfolio, whether for regular revenue or high capital growth, medium or long term investment, conservative or aggressive method.

  • Your investment goals

  • Your existing investment portfolio

  • Your risk tolerance

  • Investment tools best suited to meet your desired investment returns

  • Your ideal allocation for your invest


Lines of Business.

Protect yourself & your family against accidents and unexpected events, anywhere in the world. Secure your private vehicle and home against unfortunate incidents.  We provide a wide range of insurance solutions customized to the different needs of your business and industry.


Travel & Personal Accident

Motor & Home

Business Protection


Motor & Home

  • Motor Insurance Detariffication

  • Road protection at the touch of a button

  • Risk-based Car Insurance Plan

  • Added Protection On The Road For Driver and Passengers

  • The Complete Car Insurance Plan That Protects Women Drivers

  • Home Insurance Plan

  • Daily on the road protection for e-hailing and private usage

Traveling Girl

Travel & Personal Accident

  • Overseas Travel Protection

  • Personal Accident Plan With High Cash Payout

  • Personal Accident Plan With Wide Coverage

Inside Business

Business Protection

  • Fire and Consequential Loss / Business Interruption

  • Public & Product Liability

  • Marine

  • Machinery Breakdown and Consequential Loss

  • Construction Electronic Equipment

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